In the Prologomenon System, on the planet Issachar, Naomi and Lazarus were born and live in an utopian society. Despite their ideal situation, both struggle with past issues, frustrations, and a growing suspicion things are not as it should be.

Born blind, Naomi received a new, innovative treatment developed by Dr. Polaris, called holobiotics. This treatment enables Naomi to see and experience her surroundings through mental holographic projections. Soon, she will find out this treatment is killing her and she becomes disillusioned and angry with God.

Lazarus was raised in an abusive home. He was abandoned by a close relative, and left in an extremely toxic environment that permanently damaged his lungs. Through years of treatment, Lazarus was forced to wear a breathing aparatus that would effect his ability to live and relate with others. With a growing frustration over his physical disability, Lazarus grew detached and bitter towards people.  

When a mysterious spacecraft crash lands on Issachar, Naomi and Lazarus’s suspicions are provoked. With the help of Dr. Polaris, they rescue the sole survivor of the crash, Colonel Robert Graves. In a mysterious turn of events, Graves disappears before their eyes. They realize the Graves they had rescued was a holographic projection sent from a distant planet. Naomi and Lazarus, fueled by their disillusionment of Issachar’s utopian situation, decide to leave the planet in search of the true identity of Graves and answer the deeper questions they both wrestle with about what is wrong with the world. 

When they leave the planet’s atmosphere, they enter into a universe filled with corruption, conspiracy, and violence. Not only are their deepest suspicions vindicated, but more questions drive them into an interplanetary search for answers: Who is the Hierarchy? Where have the Guards come from? What is the Face and why is everyone afraid of it? Beyond these immediate concerns, Lazarus and Naomi are forced to face their personal demons. Their bitterness towards God and anger towards others reveals deeper issues of purpose, signficance, and transcendence. In their search for answers, they are confronted with a dystopian universe without answers. What they find is something beyond their reach; the only answer that has the power to fill the silence.


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